About Us

     I started BEETRU back in 2013, during my senior year of High School. The brand represents the idea of "Never letting others define you". Through every colleciton, I tell stories about the aspects of staying true to ones self and connecting those aspects to the reality we live in.

     I base this idea on the experiences I went through in High School and what I've seen first hand. I was one of those kids in High School that wanted to be like most kids and join a specific trend. To imitate someone else. Imitate what they wear. Imitate how they wear it. Imitate the different brands they buy. Going from buying nothing but Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, to rocking double Nike socks everyday because it was trending. I was too afraid to wear other things or do things that looked different than your average crowd. Worried about what people may say and think. That was my phase. What was the point? Eventually I became more aware of myself and what I liked. Why should I let anyone tell me what I can and can't do? Why should I let others emotions get to me? I am ME and only ME. From that point on I let go and start being my true self.  

     Those experiences led me to envision an idea. A statement. A statement about being true to you. Your beliefs. Your values. Your feelings. Everything about you. I believed if I had this statement on clothing, it may help motivate/inspire people to be a better them. To be themselves and to never quit. Through the lens of skateboarding during my childhood, I was introduced to what is called streetwear. The logo is a symbol to myself as it is the letter "B". "B" is my nickname that everyone has been calling me since I was very little. That logo is something people will be able to easily identify and know that is me. Everything that is released is a re-iteration of what I personally wear. BEETRU is a representation of who I am as a person. 

     If I was to give any advice to any indiviudals in the process of learning/starting a new craft, here's my advice: 
Stay TRU to what you feel is right for you and commit to it. take the risk. Seek to learn more and do more. Never set limitations for yourself. Push yourself every day. Aceept failure and learn from it. MOST OF ALL, KEEP GOING.

I hope to inspire ambitious individuals like myself. Especially those reading this. No matter the circumstance: You are you and only YOU!

                  - B'